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What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

WIFM: ‘What’s in it for me?!’

It’s a term that is forever at the front of our minds when writing content on the behalf of our clients.

If you take the time to write content that focuses on providing value for your prospects and clients you will much more likely succeed in building their trust. So think more about them and their needsTheir pain points, frustrations, challenges and how you can perhaps help them. Your content should do one of two things: educate or entertain!

1. Know your business from the other side
Of course you know your business inside-out and you’re proud of your products and services. It can be tempting to tell your potential customers this story, especially if you’re a SME and you’ve put in a lot of the hard yards yourself. What this doesn’t do is communicate why they should give you their business instead of using a competitor, or even why they need the product or service at all. Looking at your proposition from the other side, it’s important to ask what the benefits are for them. What problems does it solve? Does it make their lives easier and less stressful? Does it save them time or money? Does it make them feel safer, more capable, more confident or any number of other qualities? In short, what is in it for them?

2. Know your target market as a person
It’s hard to create engaging content if you don’t know your target market intimately. For copywriting and content creation, it can be useful to move away from the intangible idea of a faceless ‘target market’ and instead think of one or more individual ‘character types’ who are your ideal customers. How old are they? What is their industry and job role? What are they worried about or interested in; in their work or outside it? What do they want from your product or service? Then write to that person.

3. Reaching your target market
Content is absolutely necessary and still King if you want to be found online. To have a chance of having your website found or even compete amongst your competitors in search engine rankings you should be publishing content on a regular basis. This forms a large part of your SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimisation). Think about your target market ‘persona’ and what kinds of searches they are likely to conduct to come across your business. Will they be looking for ‘cheap’ options in your industry or ‘best’? Do they have the industry knowledge to use technical terms or will they use everyday language? At Optimum Marketing, we dig deep into these insights for our clients to identify exactly what keywords you should include in your copywriting and content creation planning in order to match their search terms and increase your website’s rankings.

4. Give away free useful content of value!
Don’t be afraid of giving away a bit of know how; it will only serve to better educate your target audience on how you can assist them and provide proof of your experience and expertise. When writing content, aim to either educate your audience on a new topic or tip or even entertain. This is how you will build a following. It should be succinct and easy to consume, think Top 10 Tips, How To videos, Did You Know? Infographics etc.

Well written, targeted, high-value copy is a very useful lead generation marketing activity you can implement easily into your business today.

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