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3 Reasons Why You Should be on LinkedIn

With 97% of B2B businesses already utilising LinkedIn to drive traffic to their websites, the platform has become a hub of professional networking activity, as well as a place to share your success and solidify your place within your industry.

LinkedIn has transcended its original functionality of promoting career progression and networking and has evolved to allow businesses to build greater levels of credibility and interact with other high-level working professionals.

Here’s how making the most of LinkedIn can create more buzz around your business:

 Over 80% of B2B social media leads are generated from LinkedIn

As mentioned before, LinkedIn is the social media platform where business professionals choose to network with one another and build a reputation as an industry thought leader. Therefore, although Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all very popular platforms, LinkedIn is the one that drives most traffic from your profile and onto your website.

With over 40 million LinkedIn users at either a senior influencer or decision-making level, it is the ideal place to market to an individual who could potentially make the choice to purchase your product or service at a later stage.

LinkedIn converts B2B visitors into leads at a higher rate than any other social network

Did you know that leads are more likely to come from your LinkedIn profile than any other social media platform? That’s because visitors of your LinkedIn profile are often stakeholders of your industry and have a vested interest in your product or service offering.

LinkedIn brings in more than 50% of all traffic from social media to websites and blogs

By sharing valuable information, such as industry-specific blog posts and articles, on your LinkedIn page, you are creating an opportunity for readers to click onto your website. This then gives them the chance to later browse the rest of your website and establish your business as an industry leader in their minds.

It is no secret that LinkedIn has become the most beneficial social media platform for working professionals and high-level business decision-makers.

Optimum Marketing can work with your business to develop a well-designed social media strategy that utilises LinkedIn to its full potential. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help!