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A quick guide to B2B SEO

Most people, whether in business or marketing, have heard the term ‘SEO’ or Search Engine Optimisation. In fact, many B2B marketing agencies are actively making their SEO efforts a priority. But how many people truly understand what SEO entails?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a marketing practice used to attract organic traffic to a website by using keywords to improve rank and placement in search engine results. This essentially means that your website will be featured earlier in search engine results pages increasing the likelihood that potential customers will click on to your site.

These are our top tips for improving your SEO ranking:

SEO is designed to put your business in front of high-level decision-makers

B2B SEO and B2C SEO strategies are mostly similar; the main difference being the individuals you are targeting to drive to your website. Put simply; marketing agencies endeavour to reach professionals and executives, enticing them to click on their website. This is mostly because business purchases are often longer-term investments, where multiple high-level business people tend to weigh in on the final purchase decision.

B2B SEO experiences less e-commerce competition, but converts less organic traffic

Because the B2B industry is substantially more niche, there is generally less competition online due to longer sale cycles and higher prices. However, it also means that the people who are searching for products or services are not looking to buy right away. Therefore, your SEO strategy should not be built on trying to convert new website visitors into immediate sales.

Aim to emphasise branding and industry thought-leadership

Search engine optimisation isn’t just about ensuring that your website is high ranking on search engines. It’s also about establishing yourself as a brand that is a recognised thought leader within the industry you operate in.

By regularly presenting yourself as a thought leader, your audience will not be surprised to see your website appearing in the search engine results page. They would also be more likely to click on your website, and eventually make a purchase after establishing a level of trust in your brand.

Focus on low-volume keywords

Products and services sought by businesses are generally much more niche than those of B2C businesses. Therefore, taking low-volume, high-value keywords into consideration is one way to boost your SEO strategy and overall website rankings. These keywords are more specific to your brand and product, and will thus attract clicks from individuals with a more vested interest in your product.

With millions of businesses competing in the online sphere, standing out on Google and other search engines is of paramount importance. Our team of SEO experts at Optimum Marketing can help you design and implement a well-developed SEO campaign that will vastly improve your business’s online visibility. Get in touch today to discuss our SEO Marketing Packages.