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Optimum Marketing – Your Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

Optimum Marketing – Your Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

For many of those running businesses, marketing can be a daunting task and difficult to make time for along with the many other tasks requiring attention, let alone getting it right. If you’re looking to make marketing easy, our digital marketing agency in Melbourne, Optimum Marketing, gives your business access to a dedicated marketing department at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee.

By partnering up with a digital marketing agency you will have the support of a marketing department, overseen by a dedicated marketing manager who will consult with you on your marketing strategy and oversee the implementation of your marketing initiatives. Although we are remotely based we keep in touch via email, skype, telephone and scheduled face to face meetings.


A marketing department of your own

Our outsourced marketing department can act as your stand-alone marketing resource or integrate seamlessly with your existing team to provide a range of white-labelled implementation services which include marketing planning, copywriting, graphic design, digital marketing, web development and social media activities.

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Services to get your business the leads it deserves

Once armed with an understanding of your brand, business and marketing goals, your dedicated marketing department will get to work creating a marketing plan and strategy tailored to your business.

A marketing plan will include a well-researched industry analysis, a market analysis, an analysis of your competitors, in depth target market research and a number of creative strategies to get your business noticed.

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With a team of experts behind your marketing strategy, you can be confident that all of your marketing initiatives will be executed with great care and measure. A marketing manager will handle the strategy and planning, ensuring all marketing tasks align with the marketing goals and speak to the target audience. A copywriter will create engaging content that will educate, entertain and boost SEO to ensure your business is seen. All creative design is given the VIP treatment by a well experienced graphic designer, ensuring design looks sleek and on brand. Each little piece of the marketing puzzle is given careful thought, consideration and attention ensuring your brand and it’s message is accurately portrayed.


Measures of success

It’s one thing to implement, exciting marketing initiatives, but it is also vital to measure the outcomes of the activities taking place. How many people are visiting your website? Where are leads coming from? How many are converting?

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A thorough analysis of marketing activities gives an indication of which initiatives worked, which messages resonated or which visuals gained attention. An analysis also gives insight into the target audience including age, gender, web browsing habits and if they are engaged with the content. There is a lot to learn from measuring the results of a marketing initiative.


More time to focus on what you are good at

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Utilising a digital marketing agency in Melbourne gives you peace of mind knowing your marketing is in the hands of experts with over 15 years of experience, as well as freeing up your time to focus on the success of your business and all the new prospects your new marketing strategy will bring.