Helpful MARKETING Tips


How a B2B Marketing Agency can help you grow your business

It’s no secret that running a B2B business can be a challenge. Trying to manage the various operational responsibilities often leaves limited time to delve into your marketing strategy and implementation requirements. Investing in marketing is however key for any business who has growth objectives. Your time however will always be best spent on doing what you do best and to align your purpose. Outsourcing various functions can ensure that you leave your skill gaps to those with up to date expertise and experience.

The benefits of outsourcing your marketing to a B2B marketing agency such as Optimum Marketing are abundant.

Gain insights from a strategic marketing plan

A customised marketing plan will provide a range of helpful insights to your business from latest competitor activity to industry trends. A strategic marketing plan will ensure maximum profit and ROI on your marketing investment. An indepth marketing strategy will cover:

  • Market segmentation – helping you define who your ideal client is
  • Define your UVP Messaging to ensure your marketing communications resonates to your audience
  • External analysis – a full review of industry and market analysis including review of competitors
  • Recommend a range of multi-channel marketing strategies covering branding, digital marketing, SEO, website improvements, social media, targeted campaigns, case studies, database building, public relations, content planning and more.

Expand customer outreach

By implementing researched marketing strategies for your ‘ideal client’, B2B companies can dramatically expand their customer outreach. Optimum Marketing is well versed in digital marketing and have experience executing a range of digital campaigns. Statistically, this form of marketing experiences high investment returns, with the top B2B content marketing initiatives including  social media content, online newsletters, articles, and blogs globally.

Develop consistent branding

It’s no secret that branding is a business essential. Look at the world’s leading companies, and you’ll notice each has a clear visual identity and brand personality that is unique and instantly recognisable. This isn’t by accident. Statistics show that by simply using a signature brand colour can increase brand recognition by 80%. More importantly, 86% of consumers value authenticity regarding the business’s values, which is achieved through consistent and transparent brand messaging. Optimum Marketing offer branding services to elevate your business’s brand. The team can help with refreshing existing branding or create a brand-new identity for your business that will resonate with your audience.

Minimal costs

The cost to implement marketing strategies and day to day initiatives in your business doesn’t need to be excessive or out of reach. A flexible B2B marketing agency can work to your budget to recommend initiatives that are very cost effective yet obtain solid reach to your target audience. Optimum Marketing offer packages suited for businesses of all sizes, from small to large, at a price much lower than hiring for permanent marketing roles internally. Small businesses can opt for an essential package that includes 25 hours of dedicated time per month, while larger organisations can scale to 65 hours. A flexible marketing agency will work alongside your current team to fill skill gaps or also be available as a stand along marketing resource.

Optimum Marketing is indeed a results-driven agency with a focus on delivering commercial outcomes. Our team aims to simplify marketing by providing a complete marketing solution by providing a dedicated marketing team skilled in a full range of marketing services, including marketing strategy, digital marketing, graphic design and copywriting.

Want to learn more? Reach out to the Optimum Marketing team to discuss how we can make marketing seamless for you.