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How To Use Analytics To Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts

As a Marketing Consulting Agency, we’re constantly reminded that the world of business is ever-evolving and that marketing is not what it was just a few years ago.

The marketing industry is much more advanced and targeted now and it is only becoming more so over time. There’s a great deal of data you can look at to understand the importance of online analytics, and this data can further improve your digital marketing efforts.

Users increasingly want a company’s approach to feel human and personalised. For this reason, having access to the right type of data is so important.

Types Of Data

There are many different types of data you can track and what you choose to focus on most will depend on your business and what is important to you.
Here’s an idea of what you could track:

  • Visitors/users – Tracked by a cookie placed on a user’s browser.
  • Page views – Measured every time your tracking code is loaded.
  • Time on page – The average time a visitor stays on your site/page.
  • Interactions per visit – What visitors did when on your site/page.
  • Conversion rate – The total number of actions taken, such as a download, sign up, etc.
  • Engagement rate – The number of comments, clicks, likes, and more.
  • Follows/subscribes – The number of people who want to receive updates on your content.

Tips To Use Analytics To Make Better Marketing Choices

Wait For A Story To Play Out

Give your data time to develop a narrative by watching it play out on a weekly/monthly basis. This will provide you with an idea of any trends that arise, such as which platforms your customers access your brand most often or how long they spend looking at a specific page on your website. By understanding these trends, you can plan and take action accordingly.

Look For Answers Within The Things You Post

Ask your audience purposeful questions to get their opinion, as well as develop a more personal relationship with them. You can then look deeper into the most common answers that arise, and create content based around the topics and questions your audience puts forward.

Listen To People Who Are Searching

Take a look at your search analytics and see what people are looking for when they find your website. This will allow you to develop new content and flesh out the content you already have based on keywords that show high impressions but may receive low clicks. This may be a sign you’re not enticing searchers enough with your current content, as your opportunity is high but click-through rate is low, so you can expand on your content accordingly to get better results.

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