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Personalise Your B2B and Email Marketing Campaigns for Maximum Impact

Personalise Your B2B and Email Marketing Campaigns for Maximum Impact

How? Behaviour Triggered Emails
We all know B2B and email marketing campaigns can be extraordinarily successful if the correct funnels are in place and messages are sent at pre-determined junctures along the sales process. By periodically creating another choice for prospects to make in this manner, engagement is enhanced and outcomes for businesses are improved. That’s a given.
So now let’s take that knowledge to another level – the level where the actions taken by a website’s visitors are interpreted and followed up to maximise sales.

We’ve all heard the expression, “Actions speak louder than words.”  Nowhere is this knowledge more valuable than on a business website. Behaviour triggered email marketing campaigns are a highly evolved marketing strategy that results in prospects and customers receiving the information about your business’s offer that interests them. This has a positive flow on to both conversions and overall receipt value. By following and collating a consumer’s website activity, metrics can now be gathered that track where their interest was focussed. Accordingly, B2B marketing and email marketing campaigns can be structured to hit this sweet spot and supply your site’s visitors with information and offers that interest them.

Sick of seeing the abandoned cart on your e-commerce site?
Tired of seeing all those purchases left in the trolley as the visitor hits the payment gateway only to suddenly decide they need to make a cup of tea or answer their phone? Don’t despair. You can see what’s in the cart. You know the benefits these products offer.  You know the problems they solve. Simply make future communication to these people focus on these elements and gently remind your prospects of what attracted them in the first place. Chances are, their need or desire still exists. They just need a little prompt to clarify what’s in it for them.

Want to engage with your clients after they’ve received their goods?
Excellent! Following up your customers is a great way to establish you care, obtain valuable feedback and open the door to future sales. And it’s so easy! Simply create an automated email campaign structured to demonstrate you’re following their progress with their new purchase. This should be targeted at the specific item bought and will show a level of interest in them that will see them telling their friends about your service while inspiring the loyalty that keeps their future carts filling up.

Automated behaviour triggered email campaigns are an economic, efficient and effective method of remaining in touch with your customers and website visitors. When sensitively worded, they provide a level of engagement designed to build the relationships that lead to brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and lead generation via word-of-mouth that’s hard to match with other marketing efforts.  They can also be used to re-invigorate disengaged people on your list by reigniting their interest in your business.

There’s more to this topic than can possibly fit into one post so learn more by contacting us. We’ll explain the ins and outs of how it can be applied to your business for maximum benefit.  You see, just like the emails themselves, a tailored approach is always best.