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SEO Tips and Techniques You Don’t Want to Miss

SEO Tips and Techniques You Don’t Want to Miss

There are over 3.5 billion searches on Google every single day and it can be increasingly tricky to master the skill of search engine optimisation (SEO). We’ve discovered a few SEO trends that will help your website rank better and become more discoverable.

SEO trend 1: Site plans
As SEO is focused on the end user and how efficient and effective their experience is, marketers will need to consider where each of your web pages sit within the site. It’s worth pinpointing how the pages interact with one another, how easy it is to navigate to and from and whether the information is relevant and flows on from other pages.

Essentially, the underlying question is where does the page fit in the context of the entire website?

SEO trend 2: Topic clusters

Following on from the site plan, we need to ensure that there is rich, relevant content to fill the website.

Topic clusters are basically multiple articles or blogs based on the same overarching topic. They give search engines an insight into the building blocks of your website and keep SEO crawlers interested.

How can we create topic clusters? By creating pillar pages (or cornerstone content). This is a page that works as a content hub for a high-volume keyword, while linking to a cluster of related, detailed pages under the same topic.

This strategy works because Google looks at backlinks and for related pages to understand the overall architecture of your site, which in the long run improves your SEO ranking.

SEO trend 3: High quality media
If you’ve been paying attention to your SEO for a while you will know that high quality media is essential to contribute to good rankings and improved user experience on your website. It’s crucial that your website contains really top-notch images and video.

Having great and relevant images on your website means that people are likely to stay longer, which decreases your bounce rate. It’s also important to insert keyword specific alt tags and URLs to improve your site’s SEO.

Don’t forget that having popups on your site can be penalised by Google’s algorithm, as discussed here.

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