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Top 4 Proven Content Marketing Strategies to Implement Now

Top 4 Proven Content Marketing Strategies to Implement Now

The world of content marketing is a realm where opportunity knocks behind multiple doors. It provides a vast array of possibilities for marketers to connect with their audiences on their terms, their subjects and at their convenience. Conversely, audiences equally feel in control as everyone has a mobile device so every tram ride, bus shelter and idle moment is now an opportunity to devour interesting content. It’s no wonder consumption rates of B2B marketing and general content marketing are through the roof.

​However, running right alongside this opportunity to connect with an audience is the opportunity to alienate them. So learn more about four common forms of content marketing and B2B marketing and ensure your connection counts by warming your prospects, not leaving them out in the cold.

300 – 800 words. Post regularly. Provide a link to your site. Include keywords
If done correctly, this most common form of content is remarkably effective at building relationships en masse without ever getting out from behind your keyboard. It’s cost effective, favoured by Google and may be created quite swiftly once the writer’s thoughts are in order. The most successful bloggers don’t sell anything – so avoid the temptation to tell the world your widgets are better than everyone else’s! Instead, discuss the who, what, when, where, how and why of your widgets and educate about how they solve problems or enhance lives.

Longform Content
5,000 – 15,000 words. Highly educative. Often by subscription only
Looking to become an authority figure in your industry? If so, this content strategy may be for you. Two elements happily coincide to make this method effective –

  • Readers are willing to devote time and energy to learn about various topics.
  • Writers become the go-to person by providing detailed educational content to satisfy the readers’ demands.

This nexus creates opportunities for both parties to prosper.
Take the tactical approach and create your content in chapters. When complete, simply assemble the content and you have a book that is ready to publish. If you’re looking to get on the lucrative speaking circuit, it’s just about mandatory these days to have a hard copy of a how-to book/guide to hold up and display to your audience. Longform content enables you to create a book at your own pace while building the audience that will attend your presentations.

Visual explanatory graphics
Infographics are an efficient method of transferring loads of data in an easily digestible manner. Great for non-wordsmiths, these pictorial displays can be used to effectively divide data into sections, combine related data when applicable and interpret results so meaning may be gained. Be sure to keep your designs clean and free of clutter by remembering the maxim – white space provides clarity. Think pie charts, bar graphs, flow-charts, X/Y graphs and, if suited to your target market, include relatable characters or images to soften the hard data.
There are many other content forms which are designed to cater to specific needs.  Since target markets vary in how they consume information, so too your business’s content marketing strategy should provide information in various forms.
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