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Upcoming marketing trends to watch out for

It is no secret that the marketing industry evolves at a rapid rate. With the introduction of new technologies and ever-changing trends, it’s essential to keep up to date to avoid falling behind in comparison to competitors.

Through research and analysis, Optimum Marketing has identified three key trends that are expected to impact B2B businesses in the short term.

  1. Purpose-led marketing

As consumers and businesses alike become increasingly conscious of their purchase decisions. In 2022, it is expected that brands will need to communicate more often on how they are mindfully contributing to society. More pertinently, to answer how is your business going beyond maximising profits? What corporate social responsibility actions are you taking? With 55% of consumers willing to pay more for products or services that contribute to positive change, this information must be effectively interwoven with the brand’s identity.

  1. Online events

Online events, including webinars, forums, product launches and conferences, are predicted to increase in popularity in the wake of Covid19 due to the broader reach available in comparison to an in-person experience. In fact, 63% of organisations are moving to digital conferences or events. Online events can target audiences across the globe, making them particularly effective for multinational companies. They can also position the brand as a thought-leader or expert within its particular industry by presenting new information to the industry more broadly.

  1. Personalisation

Across all of the available marketing and advertising platforms, consumers are subjected to hundreds of advertisements each day. However, 72% of consumers prefer to engage with personalised messaging. For businesses in the B2B space, cutting through this noise is essential. The personalisation of messages is expected to increase in 2022. This refers to the process of developing marketing collateral and content that specifically targets your individual audience groups. For example, if you are marketing yourself as an accountant, this process would entail creating subsections of your audience and customising content specifically for each group.

Optimum Marketing has its finger on the pulse of the marketing industry. The team of experienced B2B marketing experts specialise in supporting businesses in professional services and manufacturing industries.

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