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Why Good Copy Is Just As Important As Visuals In Digital Marketing

Good copy is just as important as visuals in digital marketing. It’s important to develop good copy if you’re going to sell something – no matter what it is. Content helps your business to establish trust and authority in your industry, but good copy is what motivates, encourages, and convinces your audience to engage with your brand. Other components are important and should be optimised, of course, but exceptional copy will get your customers’ attention for the right reasons.

Content and copy are not the same, even though some businesses use the terms interchangeably. Copy is a term that refers to various types of marketing text, such as Instagram captions, video captions, and blog posts. Content is a broader term that can define all kinds of text that provides information to build an audience – it can refer to images and videos, too.

Put simply, copy is a part of content that helps you direct your customer towards a certain action using written word. Good copy is important for a number of reasons. It will help you to better connect with customers and boost sales, improve your overall brand image, and achieve better overall success when paired with a great web design. As a digital marketing agency, we know how important good copy is to the success of any business in any industry.

Let’s take a look at how you can go about creating great copy that gets results.

Titles and Headlines

An attention-grabbing title is important, as are helpful headlines that break up the text. This is particularly useful when it comes to long-form content, such as blogposts. Always ensure that your titles are interesting enough to capture your audience’s attention, as well as true to description. Splitting up the text with headings makes the copy more scannable, as some people may not want to read all the way through.

Long Form Vs. Short Form

Long-form content can include e-books and how-to guides, whereas short-form content includes social posts. Both long form and short form content have their place due to the type of value they provide your audience. Longer form content, including blogposts, tend to perform better in the search engines, providing it is well written, researched in depth, and optimised for SEO.

All Copy Should Be Unique

You can draw inspiration from other writers, but every piece of copy should be unique. Not only plagiarism cause issues with brand reputation, it can also make SEO optimisation difficult. Well-written, and unique content is another way for your brand to stand out from others.

Double Check For Errors

Double, and even triple check, your copy. If needed, don’t be afraid to get a fresh pair of eyes on the content, in case there’s something you may have missed. Better yet, have a professional copywriter look it over or write it for you. This can be especially helpful if you feel as though you don’t have the time you’d like to write copy yourself. When giving a copywriter a brief, give them as much information as you can, and remind them to ensure the tone of voice is in-line with your brand.

Quick Tips For Better Copy:

  • Make your writing clear and candid, short sentences are often best, as are simpler word choices
  • Know your audience and the purpose of the content
  • Incorporate humour and personality, if it’s true to your brand
  • Ensure the writing aligns with your brand image
  • End with a significant call to action

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